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Learn something
new today!

Robin Nixon's JavaScript Crash Course

From the author of the top-selling book Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript, this new JavaScript course teaches you everything you need to know about JavaScript, all the way from the basics, up to advanced features such as animations, attaching to interrupts, using Ajax, and much, much more.

Everything is clearly explained with plenty of examples and figures, and you will absolutely find this one of the easiest courses you have ever taken. Once you've finished it, you'll completely understand JavaScript, and be fully confident of how to use it to make really impressive and dynamic web pages.

This course is for absolutely anyone with any amount of previous experience, because it teaches JavaScript from first principles in a straight forward and easy manner, leading up to all you need to know to become a skilled JavaScript programmer.
Paperback book (ISBN 978-0956895639)
Not only will this book teach you everything you need to know about JavaScript, but thanks to print-on-demand technology it's available at about half the price of our competition.

Clearly laid out with plenty of examples, figures and tables, you'll want to keep this book by your computer as a reference while you develop.

Regular Price $19.99
Offer Price $17.99
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Kindle eBook
If you have an Amazon Kindle device, or have downloaded the Kindle app to your Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows Phone device, this is a great format for you.

Hand-coded to ensure as near a perfect copy of the original as possible (including all figures, examples and fonts), this eBook looks good on all readers.

Regular Price $19.99
Offer Price $9.99
(or local equivalent)
Love this kindle book. Definitely recommend as a great starter for learning Javascript from the ground up. Great examples and more complex usage. Good book!
– Raines Reviewer
This is the perfect book for someone who can pick up ideas quickly but has no experience with any kind of development and makes a great stepping stone to more advanced books.
– Adam K Phillipps
Robin Nixon is probably one of the best, if not the best, writer in this field... with his uncanny ability to step in the shoes of a beginner.
– M. Jensen
Technical manuals are notorious for not being easily read. This one, however, is well written.
– BMore XPlant
This book is a great introduction to Java­Script. It is easy to follow and the way the author presents the information is clear, concise and readily understandable. The examples clearly illustrate the points being made in each lesson.
– GSnell
I was looking for a summary to get going in javascript. This book was perfect... You can read it a night or two and be up and running.
– BDiddy