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Learn something
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Robin Nixon's HTML & HTML5 Crash Course

Whether you're a professional or amateur web developer you need all the HTML5 tools in your kit, and this book from the author of the best-selling Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaSript, is the fastest and easiest way there is to learn HTML5.

HTML5 is the future of HTML and all developers need to get up-to-speed with what it offers, including audio and video, without using a plug-in, and a canvas area with professional tools for creating paths, lines, curves, shapes, fills, gradients, patterns, text and more.

This book also provides accurate geolocation, background web workers, offline web appli­cations, microdata, a local storage engine and many other improvements to standard HTML, such as dozens of new form tags and attributes.

Reasons you will learn all you need from this course include the fact that each lecture begins by listing the three key skills you will learn, and a summary at the end of each lecture reminds you what you have learned.

Also, relevant and fully-tested examples illustrate every tag, attribute and function, and each lecture features several notes providing extra, handy advice. Plus the examples have all been thoroughly tested, and they can all be freely downloaded from the companion website.
Paperback book (ISBN 978-0956895615)
Not only will this book teach you everything you need to know about HTML & HTML5, but thanks to print-on-demand technology it's available at about half the price of our competition.

Clearly laid out with plenty of examples, figures and tables, you'll want to keep this book by your computer as a reference while you develop.

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Kindle eBook
If you have an Amazon Kindle device, or have downloaded the Kindle app to your Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows Phone device, this is a great format for you.

Hand-coded to ensure as near a perfect copy of the original as possible (including all figures, examples and fonts), this eBook looks good on all readers.

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I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the internet and how websites work.
– Book Lover "CYN"
The best way to get introduced to both HTML programming and the functionality of HTML5!
– David Sherman
The course to start with. It is loaded with examples and exercises. I highly recommend this title.
– I-Cubed
It gave me valuable information about the new features included in the HTML5 spec.
– Matthew Dickinson
This is a helpful and informative crash course on HTML5.
– W. Callahan

Very good. Helped explain all the small individual parts of HTML and HTML5.
– Juan Rafael Lopez
I found it much easier than any of the ‘random drawing of an animal’ programming books.
– Chris Osman
This book is a great take-off as it's full of examples and exercises that start with very basics and go all the way till more advanced techniques. Stuffed with tons of useful snippets of code, it's instructive, concise and well-written.
– Dainis Graveris
The most concise and well-written book on HTML5 that I have read! I have always found Robin Nixon's books instructive with almost no learning curve.
– Michael A Hill